10 Exciting Children’s Plot Ideas to Enchant Little Readers

Image by qiangxuer from Pixabay

When you’re writing a children’s picture book, it can be hard to think of inspiration. If you’re stuck for something to write about, we’ve put together ten fabulous plot ideas that will fascinate and captivate your little ones!

1. An enchanted forest

If you have a little reader that loves fairies on magic toadstools and grumpy gnomes, then this plot will delight them!

Imagine that the hero of this story has gone camping with his family. When it gets dark, and the owls start hooting… the magical creatures of the forest come out to play!

2. A trip into outer space

Got a little one who wants to be an astronaut when she grows up? Take her into orbit with an intergalactic story!

This plot is great because you can have a lot of fun creating wild and wacky aliens and weird alien planets. The poopy underpants aliens from the planet Butt? Why not?

3. A very happy birthday

Birthdays come but once a year, but your little one will read a birthday story time and time again!

It’s the hero’s birthday, and he gets to blow the candles out on his cake and make a wish. When the candles go out… his wish becomes true!

This is a fun plot as you can tie it up to what your little one loves, and make it as goofy and silly as you want. For example, if he loves pizza, everyone could turn into talking pizzas!

4. A fun fairy tale

If your little one loves a good fairy tale, why not make them the hero of their very own enchanted story?

These ones are nice and simple as you can use existing fairy tales as a starting point, and give them a fun and funky twist.

Let’s say your little one’s favourite fairy tale is Jack and the Beanstalk. The giant’s brother has arrived in town and is out for revenge, and Jack is nowhere to be found. It’s up to the hero to save the day!

5. A splashy time under the sea

Whether your little one wants to be a mermaid or a deep-sea diver, an underwater tale will leave them wanting more.

There’s a lot you can do with an under the sea story. For example, the hero could stumble upon an old map and decide to search for treasure with her friends. Along the way they find scary sharks, fun-loving pirates and funny fish!

6. A whodunnit?

An exciting mystery story is a wonderful way to encourage critical thinking in your little one. Not only that, but they’re fun to read and write too!

Someone’s stolen a pie out the kitchen! And to top it all off… they’ve stolen daddy’s glasses too! It’s up to the hero to find the clues and find the culprit before they strike again!

7. A heroes and villains super-story

If your little one is mad for Marvel, then a superhero story is a perfect choice. You can either write about their favourite superhero or even better, make your little one the star of their own tale!

The evil villain is sitting in their lair, planning world domination. It’s up to the hero of the story and her superpowered friends to come forward and save the day!

8. A spooky haunted house

You may think it’s a little unusual, but little ones love a good spine-chilling scare!

Why not set your story around a haunted house? The hero of the story gets a mysterious letter in the post asking him to come to a spooky haunted house. When he gets there, he finds a range of scary surprises!

The good thing about this plot idea is that you can make it as blood-curdling as you like. Whether it’s a friendly ghost that needs a little help or a horde of wicked witches… who said spooky stories are just for Halloween?

9. An animal-filled tale

We all love animals, and it can be fun to write about your little one’s favourite critter. We like this type of plot because there is so much variety to be had.

You can be serious and write about a puppy who can’t find its way home, or be silly and write about a cat who is scared of mice!

10. Unusual day to day life

Have you ever read the Tiger Who Came to Tea? This charming story is about a tiger who invites himself into a little girl’s home and eats all the food! Sometimes the most fun stories are the ones with an element of real-life to them. Think of your regular routine and add something a little quirky to it. There could be an alien crash-landing at school or a dinosaur hiding in the park. These stories are great as they are simple to write and easy to relate to!