10 Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas for Children

Christmas is just a short wait away. What are you going to get for your children, more toys? Toys are great and I’m sure your children have their favourites that they will cherish for years. But let’s face it – most of the toys you buy are just plastic junk that will soon be broken and forgotten. Besides, Christmas is not only about toys and more toys. So, how about getting unique Christmas gifts that will be remembered? Here are ten ideas.

1. A Christmas Picture Book You Wrote (with the Kids or on Your Own)

Children love Christmas stories and there are lots of beautiful books about Christmas (“Christmas Wood” is one of my favourites). But how about you write your own Christmas story and make it a beautiful picture book? You could write about your Christmas as a family, retell a family story from the past, or come up with cute fiction. Oh, are you saying you’re not a writer or an illustrator? Not to worry! Just go to BookBildr.com, register for a free account, and start creating. There are hundreds of ready-made illustrations to choose from, three book formats, and a text editor to type your story. You can then order your own picture book in print or download a PDF. Not only is a book like that an amazing unique Christmas gift, but it’s also a fun Christmas activity – after all, you can write your book with the children.

2. Subscription Boxes

There are lots of various subscription boxes for children. I love the idea of them because they’re fun, educational, and they just keep coming. My personal favourites are Creation Crate and Kiwi Crate – perfect gifts for young techies and innovators.

3. Personalized Mug

I love personalized gifts because they really mean something and nobody else has them. You know your kids better than anyone else, so you know what kind of a personalized gift they’ll love. A mug is always a good one because it’s practical, will be used daily, and you can really get creative. Print your child’s photo on the mug, add a fun message, and you’re good to go. You can order personalized mugs and a ton of other cool gifts from Zazzle.

4. World Map Colouring Tablecloth

That’s a great educational gift for little explorers you can buy at Uncommon Goods. This huge illustrated map (50″ L x 33″ W) is made of cotton and comes with 10 washable markers. Once the kids have finished colouring it, put it in the washing machine, then air dry, and it’ll be ready for use again.

5. Comic Book Kit

Another goodie from Uncommon Goods, this kit is the thing for young illustrators and comic book lovers. The kit has everything you need to make your own hand-drawn comic book: markers, paper, and a cardboard box. It also includes a pre-paid envelope to mail your finished comic to the printing company. Once posted, the printed book will arrive in about 4-6 weeks.

6. Dipping Time Soup Bowl

What can be better than a bowl of tasty warm soup on a cold winter day? Only soup in a special personalized 2-in-1 dipping bowl! This bowl has an additional compartment where you put the dips and you can personalize it with a name or a message. You can get this bowl from Personal Creations.

7. Sports Box

If your children love sports, Sports Box Co. has the gift for them. You can choose the sport your child loves and they will mail you a themed box. Subscription and one-time mystery boxes are available.

8. SlideRider

Who doesn’t love a slide? With SlideRider, you can turn your staircase into a slide for year-round fun. I love the idea and it immediately reminds me of one of the “Moomin” episodes where the children made a slide similar to this one. Anyway, if you have a large staircase that’s safe to turn into a slide, this gift promises hours of noisy fun.

9. Musical Instrument

If your kids love music, singing or just making noise, an inexpensive musical instrument will be a great gift. A ukulele, recorder, tin whistle (here’s a great gift set for children from Clarke that actually sounds good), or even a cheap violin from China that you can buy on eBay.

10. Personalized Cushion or Pillow

If your little one hates going to bed (most kids do), a lovely personalized pillow or cushion will make bedtime more attractive (especially combined with a custom storybook you can make with BookBildr). You can create lovely cushion designs and order your cushion at Zazzle. Redbubble is another site where you can make personalized gifts.

Do you have any other ideas for unique Christmas gifts for children? Share them in the comments!

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