New Book Release: Emma Visits Kounkoun and Popo in China

Dear Bookbuilders, we are excited to announce the release of our new children’s picture book, “Emma Visits Kounkoun and Popo in China” by Christine Ahfat.

Children's book cover

Get ready for an adventure! Christine Ahfat’s new book, “Emma Visits Kounkoun and Popo in China,” takes you on a trip with Emma and her family.

London to China: Let’s Go!

Emma hops on a plane and flies all the way from her home in London to see her grandparents, Kounkoun (grandpa) and Popo (grandma), in China for the very first time. She’s excited because she’s never been on such a long trip.

Cool Stuff in China

Emma has a blast in China. She goes shopping with Mummy and Daddy in Hong Kong, takes a bus ride from Hong Kong to Meizhou, learns about special Chinese traditions, and gets to celebrate Kounkoun’s sixtieth birthday with all the family.

A Book for Little Explorers

Illustrated in a fun and colorful style by our illustrator Jhunny Moralde, this book combines lovely pictures and easy-to-read words, perfect for young kids who love adventures. It’s a great way to learn about traveling, China, and family values, just like Emma does.

More Than Just a Trip

This story is about family, fun, and discovering all the cool things the world has to offer. Emma’s trip might just make your child want to explore new places too.

Ready to Visit China with Emma? You can find “Emma Visits Kounkoun and Popo in China” on Amazon or scan this QR code to buy the hardcover version for $14.99 instead of $19.99.

About the Author

Christine Ahfat lives in Mauritius. She has also resided in Great Britain where she graduated from Aberystwyth University with a degree in librarianship and the University of Sheffield with a Master’s in information management. She is fluent in English and French.

Christine has recently started writing children’s stories. Two of her stories, “When the Flamboyant Trees Will Flower” and “Victoria Va en Ville”, have been published online.

Christine loves traveling and reading. She believes that through reading, children improve their literacy and therefore their educational level.

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