Who is BookBildr for?

The short answer is, it’s for anyone with Internet access who wants to make an illustrated book or a PDF. More specifically, it’s for: – parents and grandparents who want to put their stories to life and make personalized children’s picture books– independent writers who want to try their hand at writing and illustrating their

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What can I do with BookBildr?

With BookBildr, you can easily create illustrated books in four different formats: medium square, large square, landscape, and portrait. You can download the books you create as PDFs or order hard copies. You can use BookBildr to create: – Picture books for children.– Personalized gifts.– Learning materials for school, church, or any other organization.– Photobooks

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What is BookBildr?

BookBildr is an online-based tool that makes it possible for you to create your own illustrated book from scratch. You don’t need any design experience because BookBildr has everything in stock. You can choose different backgrounds, shapes, frames and illustrations, and add them to your book. The number of combinations is endless and no story

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