How do I format my book correctly?

With BookBildr, you don’t really need to format your book in any special way. However, keep in mind the following:

– A digital publication (PDF) can have as many or as few pages as you like
– The minimum number of pages is 12 for softcovers and 26 for hardcovers including the covers. We advise to make the total number of inner pages divisible by 4 to minimize the chances of the printing facility adding blank pages for binding purposes.
– The first and last pages are the front and back book covers
– The second page of your book design is printed on the right-hand side
– Don’t place any elements too close to the page edges. Use the “Margins” checkbox for guidelines and place your content within the frame

You can preview your book in spreads by opening your book project in the editing tool and zooming out to 50%.