I want to make my book look beautiful. Do you have any tips?

Making a beautiful book is easier than you think – just take these tips into account and follow our formatting guidelines from the next FAQ.

– Avoid placing text too close to the edge of each page. Technically, at least 1 cm is required to make sure the page doesn’t look strange or your text or picture doesn’t get cut off. For large books, leave a bit more of blank space for best results. Our “Margins” checkbox will help you to make sure no elements are placed too close to the edge.
– Add a little extra space near the expected fold, especially if your book has more than 20 pages (not applicable to layflat books). Again, the “Margins” function will help.
– Use a photo, an image or a solid color as the background or keep it white. You can use patterns but they usually make your text hard to read and make the page look too busy. We particularly recommend avoiding stripes near the edge of the pages.

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