What are BookBildr AI illustrator’s limitations?

While AI is a great tool for creating artworks for your book, it has some limitations:

  • The AI illustrator can’t count, which means that if you want 5 cats and 1 mouse, you might get 5 mice and 3 cats.
  • AI can’t generate consistent characters even if you use the same prompt. You might get characters that look similar, but you’ll never get the same character.
  • AI is not very good at interpreting complex, nuanced language. While it does help to write specific and detailed prompts, writing them in a very creative and nuanced manner will confuse the AI.
  • AI has a limited understanding of image context, which can result in scenes looking unrealistic.
  • AI can’t draw complex 3D scenes. Simple 3D scenes work, though.
  • AI can’t spell so if you have signs in your images, they will most likely spell rubbish.