Cristina Dekle

Children's book illustrator Cristina Dekle

My name is Cristina. I was born and raised in Costa Rica and moved to the United States many years ago. 

I studied graphic design and education. I am a bilingual teacher who re-discovered her love for writing and illustrating children’s books while in the classroom, where children have become some of the characters I’ve designed. I love being with children because they can teach you things that we, adults, might have forgotten. 

As a digital artist, I keep myself motivated by learning and exploring new techniques, brushes, and textures that help me improve without even noticing it because I always have a lot of fun when drawing. 

My inspiration comes from children and nature. I’m always observing! 

I like to think that every illustration I make tells a story: the characters are colorful, unique, and show their personalities and emotions.


The illustrator retains all ownership rights for the illustrations provided. The customer is granted the rights to reproduce the artwork, these rights may not be sub-licensed to any third parties. The illustrator must always be credited.

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