How to Make a Book Online: Write, Illustrate, Publish

how to make a book
Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

Our kids are creative geniuses who learn new things pretty quickly. They have unbelievable imaginations and can create entire kingdoms of their own. And, if we assist them with their imagination and let them unleash their full potential, they grow into confident forward-looking adults. The best way to get things started is to help your kids write their own stories, design them into beautiful illustrations, and publish everything into a cheerful storybook. But, the question is how to make a book

Fortunately, it’s pretty simple and you can make a book online and publish it right away. All you need is a perfect storyline and BookBildr. Let us guide you towards making your child’s first book online. 

Develop the Characters

Every story has some characters, and that’s where you need to start. Let your kids pour out their imagination and ask them what they’d like to portray. For kids’ stories, it’s best to stick to a couple of characters only as it will help you stay on track, and your kids will be able to contemplate a perfect story around them. 

Create Storyboards

Once you have decided on the characters, there needs to be a plot. The characters must be doing something in the story. For example, if your kids are featured in the story, they may be in the school or visiting a zoo, or even a new city. When the framework is ready, you can start drawing pages or storyboards, depicting every adventure the characters indulge in. 

Illustrate the Pages of the Storybook

As the book is your kid’s brainchild, ask them to illustrate every single page according to the adventures of the characters. The characters can do a lot of fun stuff, and it’s the imagination of your kid that drives each illustration. You can also assist them with the illustrations and guide their imagination, but you can also let them do their thing completely. 

Once done, capture the illustrations using a camera and edit them using your preferred software to give them the finishing touches. Here you can also add text to these illustrations. Let your child guide you on what each page is all about and what the characters on the page are doing. Just make sure the text is not too lengthy. 

Create the Book Online

Once you have everything with you, create your book online with the help of BookBildr. It is pretty simple to use this tool, and it won’t take a lot of time creating and downloading your book from there. In fact, you can perform all the steps online using the tool. Simply choose your book format from the available options, write and illustrate your storybook, and print or download it as you like. You can also have your book delivered to your doorstep. 

Indulging in such creative activities with your kids helps groom them into better, more confident individuals as they grow up. In addition, you guys can have immense fun doing such stuff and will be proud of your creation at the end of the day. What are you waiting for then? You know how to make a book now. Start creating your first book today!

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