Using the Editor

Can the AI illustrator generate the same characters?

Unfortunately, AI illustrations are not that advanced yet and they can’t generate the same character in different settings. However, you can achieve some level of consistency by: Keep in mind that you’ll have to always enter the style, technique and details in every AI text prompt so that the results are as consistent as possible.

What are the margin lines for?

The margins designate the safe zone for placing important elements like characters and text. They are NOT where the page will get cut during printing so feel free to stretch the background and other pictures beyond them, right to the page edges. Just make sure all the text (and other important elements) stay inside to prevent them …

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Which browser works best?

BookBildr works best with Google Chrome. Edge and Firefox are also supported. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING SAFARI. If you’re experiencing any problems, try using the latest version of Chrome.

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