How do I choose the best color option for printing my book?

BookBildr’s printing partners offer four types of color options. Here are some details that will help you choose the best color printing option for your book project:

Premium color: this is the color option we recommend for picture books and photo books, especially if you have images covering the whole page. Premium color is ideal for heavy ink coverage and guarantees rich colors.

Standard color: if your book is mainly text with a small illustration here and there, the standard color option will work for you. This color profile is suitable for textbooks, worksheets, and other books that need to be printed in color but where image quality is not crucial. While this option is more affordable, it’s not suitable for books with full-page illustrations and photo books.

Premium black & white: this option works great for photo books featuring black and white photography, and other works that need top-quality printing of black and white images. Works great with coated 80# paper.

Standard black & white: the standard printing option for text-heavy books with occasional black and white doodle illustrations. Works for novels, short stories, and so on.