What are the paper and cover options on BookBildr?

Depending on the binding options and your book’s interior, BookBildr books can be printed on the following paper:

Coated 80# white (recommended): Ultra-smooth, high-opacity bright white paper that works great for picture books, photo books, and other books with lots of images.

Uncoated 60# white: cost-effective and versatile paper that works well for books where image quality is not of crucial importance.

Uncoated 60# cream: your standard cream paper for novels and other text-heavy books. Not suitable for books with illustrations.

Cover finish options:

Glossy cover: These covers are more resistant to wear and tear while providing vibrant colors and emphasizing the cover imagery. Recommended for gifts, children’s books, and art books.

Matte cover: A matte finish gives your book a more intimate and natural look. It’s resistant to scratches and works great with many types of artworks.