My book arrived faulty. What to do?

If there is a print quality issue or your book got damaged in the post, please open a ticket, describe the problem, and include some photos. If we determine a manufacturing defect or the post is responsible for damage, we will provide a reprint with express shipping.

In some cases, when the printing facility determines that a reprint is not possible, we will provide a refund.

Please note that we can’t accept returns or issue refunds. We cannot refund or replace items if you simply change your mind, discover typos that you made when creating the book, used the wrong photo, or ordered the wrong size or shape.

We aren’t being nasty here – we simply can’t accept returns because there is no way for us to sell your custom-made product and cover the manufacturing and shipping costs. Ordinary store-bought products can only be returned because they can be resold to other customers.