5 Spooky Halloween Story Ideas for Young Children

Children love spooky stories, especially on Halloween. While you can find lots of really good classic Halloween stories online, most of them are too disturbing for young children (take the famous hitchhiker story, for example). So, why not come up with your own Halloween story for your little ones and make a picture book? Something not too frightening, exciting, and fun. We’ve prepared 5 child-friendly spooky story ideas perfect for Halloween.

1. A Trick or Treat Story

Right on the edge of the town, there was an old house where nobody lived. But that Halloween night it was all lit up. The children knocked and waited. First, no sound came from the house but then the door creaked opened and a ghost appeared. “Trick or treat?” said the ghost in an eery voice. Your take from here!

2. A Story About a Young Witch

Once, there lived a little girl who wanted to become a witch. And not just a witch, but the meanest witch of all. That way she’d be able to teach all the kids who bullied her a nice lesson. But the problem was that the girl wasn’t mean at all. So, she decided to practice being mean that Halloween. First, she found the scariest costume. Then, she painted her face white. And finally, she went around practising her menacing laughter: “MWA-HA-HA!” But that wasn’t enough to scare everyone away. So, the little girl went to see a real evil witch and ask her for advice. Your take from here!

3. A Story About a Friendly Ghost

Ben was an ordinary little boy. He lived in an ordinary town, went to an ordinary school, and wore ordinary clothes. But one day, something extraordinary happened to him. It was nearly Halloween and Ben was putting on his costume. Suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder. Ben turned and didn’t see anyone there. As soon as he looked away, someone tapped him on the shoulder again. This time Ben didn’t wait and shot out of his room screaming. Just as he reached the stairs, a small ghost blocked his way and said “Hello!” Your take from here!

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4. A Hole in the Ground

In a quiet village in Wales, a big hole appeared in the middle of the road. At first, everyone thought it had something to do with roadwork. But no workers could ever be seen anywhere near the hole. People complained, called the local council, but nothing helped. Worse still, the hole seemed to be getting larger every day. One late evening, a little girl was walking home with her mother. Just as they were passing the hole, strange sounds started coming from it and a green light shone brightly. Your take from here!

5. A Vampire Town

A family was travelling around Europe by car. One day, they stopped in a tiny village in Romania. The village looked a bit strange and the people there were very solemn and pale. And they all wore sunglasses. That night, they couldn’t sleep because of a storm. The wind was howling and strange moving shadows were everywhere. Your take from here!

Well, I think that’s enough for you to go with for now! Have fun telling spooky stories this Halloween and don’t forget to share your ideas with us in the comments!