Need customer children's book illustrations or help editing your book? We're here to rocket-launch your story!

If you want to turn your children’s story into something really special, custom illustrations, professional cover design, and expert editor help is what you need. BookBildr makes it easy to hire a professional children’s book illustrator in a secure and hassle-free way.

Editorial Services

Proofreading & Editing

Seeing a typo in your printed book is a lot like watching the last train leave the station – there’s no way you can catch that train or fix that typo. Don’t put too much faith in your spellchecker, and let us professionally proofread and edit your book. We’ll deal with grammar, style, voice, and make sure your story is perfect.

Price: USD 12 per 100 words.


Want to create an enchanting children’s story but lack the inspiration or time? We’ll write the story for you. Just let us know who’s your target reader, what you want the book to be about, and approximate word count. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and we’ll transfer full rights to the story to you.

Price: USD 80 per 150 words.


The world doesn’t speak only one language so why limit your book’s audience? Translating your children’s book will help more readers to discover your story. We can translate your book to and from English, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Serbian and Bosnian. If your language is not on this list, contact us.

Contact us to get a quote.


If you want to post your book for sale through Amazon, it will need special formatting. Our experts will do the hard work for you and format your PDF file for submission to Kindle Direct Publishing so that you’ll be able to sell your book as an eBook and as a printed copy through Amazon and other online stores.

Price: USD 60

Once you purchase a service, we’ll review your order and contact you via the email you provide. If you have any questions about our services or want to request a custom service that’s not listed here, contact us.

Hire a Children's Book Illustrator

Unique children’s illustrations will make your book really special. We’ve teamed up with talented illustrators from Europe, Asia and the USA to offer unique illustrations for your story, poem, or fairy tale. 

Maruf Hasan

Maruf Hasan illustrator

Maruf Hasan is a children’s book illustrator and artist from Bangladesh. With over 100 published books illustrated for authors from all over the world, Maruf’s digital art creates memorable and captivating stories.

Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen is a children’s book illustrator from Connecticut, USA. She uses digital tools to create children’s book art that invites the reader to explore the world of imagination and set out on all kinds of magical adventures.

Jhunny Moralde

jhunny moralde

Jhunny Moralde is a digital and traditional children’s book illustrator from the Phillipines. His bright and colorful cartoon style brings stories for younger children to life and helps to cultivate a life-long love of reading.

Rachael Sligo

Illustrator Rachael Sligo

Rachael Sligo is an artist and children’s book illustrator from the UK. Her gentle style, attention to detail and fine watercolor technique are the perfect combination for all kinds of picture books, for children of all ages.

Maaike Haneveld

Maaike Haneveld illustrator

Maaike Haneveld is a Dutch writer, watercolor artist and illustrator living in Argentina. Because storytelling is her biggest passion, book illustration is what she loves doing most. Maaike’s style is playful, whimsical and unique.

Chloe Nyiri

Illustrator Chloe Niyri

Chloe Nyiri is a dotillist artist, illustrator, and jewelry creator from Budapest, Hungary. Chloe creates colorful and enchanting art using small dots of paint that come together as a vibrant and captivating story.

Illustration Types Glossary

Character design – the illustrator will design and develop a character for your book. A character can be a person or an animal.

Spot illustration – a spot illustration is a basic illustration that stands on its own, with only one or two characters, and up to three objects. For example, two witches with a cauldron and fire under the cauldron, with no background. You could have several Spot Illustrations per page.

Full-page illustration – a full-page illustration is an illustration that has objects and a background that takes up a full page of your book.

Spread illustration – a two-page spread is an illustration that has objects and a detailed background. A spread illustration takes up two pages. 

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