Where are BookBildr books printed?

We print books at print facilities around the world. Our partner facilities are located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and India. Our software automatically selects the printing facility that works best for each customer based on the customer’s address and routes the order there. We ship print products globally.

Is Safari supported?

While the website will open with Safari, you shouldn’t use it to create your book because it may result in broken formatting. Please use Google Chrome instead.

I already have my book in PDF. Can you print it for me?

Yes, we can if the book’s size and format are compatible. Our softcover magazine formats are dynamic, so we can print practically any size. However, if you want a hardcover book, it needs to be in one of the following formats: A5, A4, 21 x 21 cm square, or 29.4 x 29.4 cm.

Can I write a book in my language?

Yes! BookBildr uses Google Fonts, which means that there’s a font for practically any language. To find the right font for your language, go to and use the “Languages” dropdown menu to find compatible fonts. You can then select the compatible font you like in the BookBildr Editor.

Who is BookBildr for?

The short answer is, it’s for anyone with Internet access who wants to make an illustrated book or a PDF. More specifically, it’s for: – parents and grandparents who want to put their stories to life and make personalized children’s picture books– independent writers who want to try their hand at writing and illustrating their …

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What can I do with BookBildr?

With BookBildr, you can easily create illustrated books in four different formats: medium square, large square, landscape, and portrait. You can download the books you create as PDFs or order hard copies. You can use BookBildr to create: – Picture books for children.– Personalized gifts.– Learning materials for school, church, or any other organization.– Photobooks …

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