How to Create Your First Book

To create your first BookBildr book project, log in to your account and click on My Books in the main menu.

On the My Books page, click on the New Book button. Please note that your book needs to have at least 24 pages including the covers.

The BookBildr Editor will open:

BookBildr editor

Click on the Size and Shape drop-down menu to select the desired book format. The Small Portrait format is selected by default:

Click on the word “Untitled” to name your book project. This title is for your reference only.

The first page of the book design is the front cover and the last page is the back cover (provided you have an even number of pages – otherwise the back cover will be white).

Click on “+” to add a new page:

When you add content to your pages, we recommend keeping important elements like text and illustrations within the margins to prevent any important content from getting cut off during printing. Feel free to stretch background images to occupy the entire page.

Note: the margin lines designate the safe zone, they ARE NOT cut marks.

Use the arrows to move pages around:

Alternatively, zoom out to less than 33% and drag page thumbnails around:

thumbnail mode

You can also duplicate pages and delete them if needed:

Zoom out to less than 75% to see how your book looks in spread mode view:

spread layout

Use the sidebar on the left to add text, illustrations, and photos to your book. Read this article to learn more about adding images and this article to learn how to work with text.