How to Edit Your Images with Photo Magic Studio

BookBildr includes an AI-powered Photo Magic Studio tool that lets you perform a number of image manipulations. You can use it to edit both your uploaded images and our stock illustrations and photos. The Photo Magic Studio is a premium feature that requires you to purchase AI credits. Five free credits are provided each month.

The Photo Magic Studio includes the following features, in order of appearance:

  • Image upscaling – enhances the resolution of an image using AI.
  • Background removal – intelligently removes the background scene.
  • Remove text – removes text from photos.
  • Reimagine – uses generative AI to create an image similar to the original selected image.
  • Replace background – replaces the background in an image with a background generated from a text prompt.
  • Expand image – uses generative AI to expand an image scene.
  • Sketch to image – uses generative AI to create an image based on a user-provided sketch.

To start using Photo Magic Studio, add an image to the page, click on it to select it, and click on the magic want icon in the toolbar:

A popup with available options for the selected image will appear. Please note that some options may be unavailable based on the image size and resolution.

Select the option you want to use and click on the Apply button. Here are some examples showing you the original and edited images. Please note that the Replace background feature will require you to enter a text prompt before you click on Apply.

In the background replacement example, we used the prompt “A café in Paris in the 1930s“.

Your modified images will be automatically added to the Upload section, so that you can reuse them. Please note that images that are not used in any books will be deleted after a certain period of time.