How to Work with Elements on a Page

With BookBildr, you can create and design book pages using as many elements as you’d like, be they text boxes, illustrations, doodles, or photos. In this article, we’ll show you how to work with elements on a page quickly and efficiently.

Grouping Elements

When you have several elements on a page, changing their position one by one may be tiresome, especially if you decide to resize your whole book project. In that case, grouping elements will help.

Page with elements
A page with ungrouped elements.

You can group elements by Shift-selecting them or by selecting them with your mouse.

Grouped elements
The images on this page are grouped together.

Adjust group size and position on the page like you would do for any other element.

Group elements size and position
The size and position of the group has been adjusted.

Ungroup elements by clicking outside the selection.

Aligning Elements on the Page

The BookBildr editing tool includes guidelines that help you align elements on the page. You’ll see these guidelines when an element or a group of elements is aligned by center (horizontally and/or vertically), against the margin lines, or against each other.

Here are some examples of the guidelines you’ll see: