How to Illustrate Your Book with AI

BookBildr includes an AI image generation tool, which lets you illustrate your books with the help of artificial intelligence. The AI illustration feature works based on text prompts and offers artworks in a variety of styles. In this article, we’ll show you how to use it.

To start using BookBildr’s AI illustrator, open your book project and click on the AI icon in the sidebar on the left:

This will open the AI image generation panel. From there, you can generate new illustrations and access the illustrations you’ve already generated. You can also check how many AI credits you have.

BookBildr provides 5 free AI credits per month and you can click on the “Buy more!” link to purchase more credits. You can select from three packages:

AI illustration credits

Generating new illustrations using AI

To generate a new image, type a text prompt in the text box and click on the “Generate” button. A text prompt can be anything, for example, “A cute kitten playing in the garden illustration.” The more specific you are, the better results you’ll get. Here are examples of a kitten illustration using the same phrase but adding different styles such as “cartoon”, “oil painting”, “pastel”, and “realistic”. Read this blog post to learn how to write AI image generation text prompts for the best possible results.

To add a generated illustration to the page, click on it. You can then click on the image on the page and edit the image using the image editing toolbar:

Enjoy illustrating books using AI!